dear lentil

December 11th. 2018. Click here if you need a reminder on what took place that day. While I would like to say this day was an isolated incident, that would be a lie. This depression carried on for months. It ebbed and flowed. With the new year, life became immensely more challenging for various reasons. … Continue reading dear lentil

so much to say

For some reason, my last blog post feels months away. In reality, it was posted just under five weeks ago. #timewarp This lack of ability to sense time and place should paint a pretty clear picture as to the insanity that has been raining down on my head for the past, now, six months. Except … Continue reading so much to say

closing time

Giving is hard. Giving of your time. Your talents. Your money. Yourself. It is inherent to humans to be selfish and protect what is theirs, be it time, money, resources, what have you. I slid into my 27th year in October. It was by far the most low-key birthday yet. For whatever reason, I wasn't … Continue reading closing time

be more like brie (the person, not the cheese)

Starting a blog and openly sharing my story for the first time was nerve wracking. I thought out every possible scenario, preparing for reactions (judgement, unwavering love and support, questions, isolation, over-involvement, etc). As my blog made its rounds, almost like clockwork, various people began to come forward. First, those sharing unwavering love and support. … Continue reading be more like brie (the person, not the cheese)


Today at lunch, I initiated the following conversation: Me: "What's the best part of being married?" Kooper: "Having someone you can always depend on." Me (jokingly): "Well what if I wasn't dependable?" Kooper: "Then I guess that wouldn't have been my answer." Me: "What's the hardest part of being married?" Kooper: "Marriage isn't hard. You … Continue reading you

let’s float

Do you know what floating is? A quick Google search of "floating" will provide you with the standard definitions of the word, which are: While these definitions are accurate, I am talking about the term floating in a deeper (ha!) sense. If you are completely lost, let me give you the scoop. Floating is an … Continue reading let’s float