about me

Photo courtesy of our amazing wedding photographers, Loft3 Photography.

Image courtesy of our amazing wedding photogs, Loft3.

28 years old. ENFJ to the core. Raging type 8. Social Justice Advocate #blacklivesmatter #loveislove. Animal rights activist. Proud dog mama to Sadie Jane, Pink Floyd, and Penny Lane. Loving sister, daughter, niece, cousin, friend, neighbor, coworker. Sunflowers make my heart soar. My love language is acts of service by a mile. Couldn’t live without coffee, my Roomba, and funny TikToks.

During my free time you can catch me napping, feverishly reading a good book, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series. My strengths are my ability to create, serve and love others. My weaknesses are math, statistics, calculus, science….basically anything that requires logic. Oh, and running, or any physical activity, for that matter.

Quirky facts, just for fun. My smile is crooked, and has been since my braces were removed in 6th grade. I have to hold my ears when I pee (don’t ask). I drive like a damn maniac, and anyone who has ever ridden with me knows this. My biggest fears are clowns, deep water and heights, but I did go skydiving last year (and no, it did not alleviate my fear, at all). Lastly, I am living proof that RBF (resting bitch face) is alive and well.

This blog is intended to be a safe place, a way for me to share my story, my struggles, my successes, for those who are interested, but more so, for those of you wrestling with the same things I am. If you stumbled upon this blog in search of help, answers, hope, what have you, please know you are NOT alone. Together, we can #EndTheStigma.

**All blog posts are proofed by my multi-talented cousin, Jeph Lewis. He keeps my rambling in check, and my horrible abuse of exclamation points to a minimum.