my other half

Through the brief journey that is this blog, my husband has found his passion for reading. This may come as a surprise to you, especially if you dont know him well. He is not an academic, wants nothing to do with school, and the last book he read was Skate in 9th grade. But what is … Continue reading my other half

sleep is for the weak, or sleeping for a week

The biggest struggle in my mental health journey has been finding a healthy balance between sleep and wakefulness. Naturally, I am a night owl. Ever since I can remember, I would stall to avoid my early bedtime, read books late at night, hiding under the covers so my mom wouldn't catch me, or lay in … Continue reading sleep is for the weak, or sleeping for a week


Three years ago today, I made the uninformed and uneducated decision to rescue a dog. I had grown up with dogs and was itching to get my own. I felt like that would make me like, a real adult. Whatever that means. I had been chomping at the bit, but was held back by my … Continue reading three


It's been nearly six months since that fateful December morning. Nothing would be more satisfying than to tell you it's been sunshine and rainbows in my world, but I was raised to not tell lies. The entire point of this blog is to be open and honest, right? So, here we go. December The final … Continue reading today